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For years, forever has helped over 9.8 million people in 110 countries acheive good wealth and health.

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Attractive Incentives, anyone can have

Whatever your dreams and expectation, we can work with you to make them a reality. Our attractive compensation plan and wonderful health products means you acquire wealth through health living.

Make Money

Enjoy financial freedom with multiple streams of income.

Forever provides you with a very lucrative and attractive payment plan that has made millions of people become millionaires and financially independent.

Retail Profit

You make instant profit by simply recommending the product to family and friends.

Group Bonus

You get paid monthly from commission based on the work from you and your team members.

Chairman's bonus

Every year, Forever gives every distributor the opportunity to share from it's total revenue in addition to other monthly bonuses.

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Get brand new cars

Enjoy brand new cars, every 3 years.

Earn money for your dream car, boat, house, or whatever else you can dream of! HPG has helped over 320 of it's members get their own brand new cars.

Brand New Car

With Forever, anyone can qualify anytime for a car incentive. You can use the incentive for a brand new car or any equivalent property of your choice.

Renewable every 3 years

Forever gives you the opportunity to renew your car every 3 years. You also have the option to renew or use the incentive for something else of your choice.

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Travel the world


Have you ever dreamed of luxury travel to beautiful destinations all over the world? With Forever, your dreams can come true.

FREE vacation for you and a partner

Travel to Global Rally, held each year in an exciting destination around the world. Enjoy luxury accommodations, delicious meals and more with you and a partner of your choice

Global Rally qualifiers will receive spending money up to $ 12,500 to enjoy at the events or when they return home.

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Enjoy good health

Naturally produced health supplements for everyone

Forever has high quality and effective products in the right market place. Product range from Natural supplements and vitamins, Skin care, Weight management, Beauty/Makeup, Men and women's health, Sports nutrition and more...

Natural Supplements

Natural supplements from Aloe Vera & Beehive. Honey, Aloe Vera Gel, Omega3, Garlic, e.t.c. Great for all round health.

Weight Management

We have some of the most effective products for weight loss and weight management.

Skin/Personal Care

Products to help keep your skin clean, radiant and beautiful all day. Soaps, creams, massage oils e.t.c

Beauty & Makeup

Look your best for that special occasion with our beauty line. Lips sticks, Eyeshadows, foundations, powders, e.t.c

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Success Stories

Real people, just like you

In the last 21 years, Happy Peoples Group (HPG) has helped more than 2000 people world wide achieve their dreams by helping them stay healthier and become financially successful.

Mr. & Mrs. Ekperigin

Lagos, Nigeria

I was a university lecturer earning peanuts as salary. In my quest for more I discovered Forever. With Forever I now make more money in one month than my entire 35 years income as a lecturer. I have gotten 5 brand new cars, travelled all over the world with my wife...

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Enahoro Uhagwa

Lagos, Nigeria

I was in the entertainment industry for 10 years working so hard but I found Forever in January 2013. In my first 7 month in the business I qualified for a brand new car.

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Mrs. Grace Kio

Benin City, Nigeria

Before Forever, I was a principal and got the invitation to join through my junior sister. Seeing all the wonderful benefits, I retired early and now as a diamond manager I have travelled to over 20 countries of the world, all expense paid by Forever, driving my 3rd brand new car.

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Idowu Esiere

Warri, Nigeria

I didn’t go to school but I was interested in financial freedom. I used to sell my wears at igbudu market, warri delta state Nigeria when a lady introduced this opportunity to me. I can now afford brand new cars, luxury travels and big cheques.

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