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Earn money for your dream car, boat, house, or whatever else you can dream of! Lets show you how.

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The Forever2Drive Incentive

Drive your business to the next level.

Earn money for your dream car, boat, house, or whatever you can dream of! Forever has helped thousands of people world wide get their own brand new cars. You can be next.

With Forever, anyone can qualify anytime for a Forever2Drive incentive. You can use the incentive for a brand new car or any equivalent property of your choice. This is in addition to your monthly bonuses and other incentives.

The Forever2Drive Incentive

Renewable every 3 years.

Forever gives you the opportunity to add another car to your collection every 3years.

You can choose to get a better car, or use the money for any other project of your choice. It's your incentive, you choose how you want it.

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Success Stories

Real people, just like you

Forever has helped thousands of people enjoy their the dream car of choice, we in HPG have been part of that success. These are few of our members currently enjoying their own cars.

Frequently Asked Questions

No! Although it is surprising how many people we do know without realizing it, we meet people everyday.

You only need a few good people who are serious about changing their lives and who have real desire to make it happen. Unlike a job, anyone is a candidate for your business, whether it is for the products or the business.

It may appeal to many people who are excluded from traditional employment, such as older people, mothers with children, physically disabled, people with no training/qualifications e.t.c as long as they have a strong desire.

NO! 90% of people who start their Network Marketing career do so on a part time basis. 7-10 hours a week is normal. As your Network Marketing income outstrips your salary, you can evaluate your position. That way, you have security and income while you learn and develop your new business

With our autosystem, you only need at least 10 hours weekly, that is less than 2 hours a day. You can devote more time if you wish as your circumstances allow.

In the first few months, most of your time is used to learn about the business to develop your customer base and to identify a few people who want to join your team.


It's working for us, It can work for you.

In the last 21 years, Happy Peoples Group (HPG) has helped more than 2000 people world wide achieve their dreams by helping them stay healthier and become financially successful.

Mr. & Mrs. Ekperigin

Lagos, Nigeria

I was a university lecturer earning peanuts as salary. In my quest for more I discovered Forever. With Forever I now make more money in one month than my entire 35 years income as a lecturer. I have gotten 5 brand new cars, travelled all over the world with my wife...

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Enahoro Uhagwa

Lagos, Nigeria

I was in the entertainment industry for 10 years working so hard but I found Forever in January 2013. In my first 7 month in the business I qualified for a brand new car.

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Mrs. Grace Kio

Benin City, Nigeria

Before Forever, I was a principal and got the invitation to join through my junior sister. Seeing all the wonderful benefits, I retired early and now as a diamond manager I have travelled to over 20 countries of the world, all expense paid by Forever, driving my 3rd brand new car.

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Idowu Esiere

Warri, Nigeria

I didn’t go to school but I was interested in financial freedom. I used to sell my wears at igbudu market, warri delta state Nigeria when a lady introduced this opportunity to me. I can now afford brand new cars, luxury travels and big cheques.

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